June 03, 2020 3 min read

With Father’s Day quickly approaching - the need to get your dad a gift he will love is becoming even more important. So, we decided to do a round up of the best gifts for car enthusiasts. We got creative and steered away from the simple car cleaning accessories and opted for products ranging from a car canvas for your dad's new sports car to comfy driving loafers for a Sunday stroll. Whatever you’re looking for, we have the perfect gift for car lovers all around the world. 

Drive Coffee

Drive Coffee


From the branding to the taste, Drive Coffee offers a premium product that the coffee consuming dad is sure to love. Drive Coffee offers coffee grinds, canned cold brew, and even their own customized appliance for brewing. With at-home coffee consumption at an all time high, this would be a great present for this father’s day.


Respoke Collection Automotive Canvas Print

Custom Car Art


Does your father obsess over his prized possession out in the garage? Well, no you can turn his piece of art into… a piece of art! Respoke Collection offers customized car illustrations through digital renderings. Once the artwork is approved, Respoke creates custom car posters, car canvas, and all different types of car wall art. This could be the perfect vintage car illustration for your dad this Father’s Day.


Personalized Custom Keychain

Custom Car Key Tag


Car enthusiasts love bespoked products. The more customized, the better. So having a personalized key chain can be a true statement of style and design. Stamping your dads name into a leather keychain can be a simple but thoughtful gift this father’s day.



Premium Car Floor Mat


Sick of the same generic weather tech floor mats? Cocomats adds a luxurious style to the floor of any car. Their signature Cocomats come in over 21 different colors and styles to chose from and start at only $180. The signature heel pad of the product keeps your foot from slipping while the tightly woven matting keeps it lasting for many miles to come. 


Palmoo Leather Seatback Organizer

Car Seat Accessory


For any four door drivers out there - this is an easy solution to making sure that cups, trash and debris aren’t littering the floor of your car. This simple car gift will help keep the back seat passengers at bay. Plus you can easily hook up an iPad and keep the kids entertained in the back while you focus on the road!


Drift Air Fresheners

Car Accessory


Drift air fresheners are a sleek product that car enthusiasts will love. Made from organic and natural ingredients - Drift is redesigning the tacky car air freshener with an improved style and fresh scents.


History of Cars Coffee Table Book

History of Cars


Spruce up your Dads office or living room with this comprehensive book on car history. This book is full of classic car illustrations, vintage car history, and so much more. From Porches to BMW’s, this book can bring together a room and remind your dad on the daily about the gift you got him.


Wolf and Shepherd Driving Loafers

Wolf Driving Shoes

Wolf & Shepherd

Saving one of the best for last, Wolf and Shepherd has some incredible driving loafers for the Sunday drives. Originally these shoes were built for italian racers in the 60’s, until Wolf and Shepherd decided to add an extra level of comfort with a foam sole. They are built with a water resistant suede and built with a FloatFoam footbed for ultimate comfort and durability. 

Connor Gross
Connor Gross

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