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Are you, your partner or someone you know a bit of a Jeep fanatic? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Cause we all know, no matter how many centuries we spend searching for “Gifts for car enthusiasts” online, finding a gift for someone who’d rather spend their time rock crawling then discussing their Christmas list isn’t an easy task. So we’ve taken the liberty of compiling together what we think are the best gifts for Jeep owners. This includes all sort of Jeep accessories from cool little trinkets to steller modifications!

Jeep Light Brow

Nighthawk Lightbrow

Jeeps have a pretty timeless design, but what if there was a way you could keep that iconic design language but spruce it up with some tasteful yet aggressive upgrades. The Nighthawk Lightbrow is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your Jeep stand out. Installation doesn’t require any drilling or extensive modifications and within a few minutes, your Jeep will have an aggressive scowl that’s sure to have other Jeep owners cautiously stepping out your way. It's available in various factory body-coloured finishes and thanks to some pretty beefy ABS plastic construction, it’ll stand the test the time well.

Jeep Hammock

Jeep Hammock

Jeeps are pretty versatile vehicles as standard, remove the doors, seats, windscreens and just go crazy with the possibilities. Well, one of the best jeep accessories you can find anywhere online has to be this multi-purpose Hammock. If the idea of having a gloriously comfortable Hammock in your jeep isn’t reason enough. This Hammock can double as a sunshade when the roof is off and even a cargo cover! Installation couldn’t be easier either with the four included straps that just hook into place. It's fade-resistant, water-resistant and when used as a sunshade blocks all incoming light, useful if you just ran out of sunscreen. 

Keychain Gift

LED Jeep Grille KeyChain

If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive gift for car enthusiasts in your life then you can’t go wrong with an automotive-themed keychain, specifically an LED keychain shaped like a Jeeps grille. The Jeep grille is one of the most iconic grilles in the automotive world full stop, and this isn’t some cheap Chinese made knock-off either. It's officially licensed by Mopar, features a laser-etched jeep logo and a sleek black, silver or even iconic pink metallic finish. The LED lights can make a great makeshift flashlight too, and for an off-roading enthusiast, that’s more useful than you might think.

Jeep Hoodie

Jeep Apparel

No guide for the best gift for jeep owners would be complete without some classic Jeep apparel. All the way from undergarments to cosy winter hoodies, there's something for everyone here, and this is officially licensed by Jeep as well. So just like their cars, you can be rest assured that even through scorching deserts and gruelling blizzards, we wouldn’t expect anything more than a machine washable stain at the end of the day. There are even some vintage T-shirts on offer so the next time your loved ones behind the wheel of their Jeep, they're going to be trailblazing in style. 

Automotive Toolkit

Jeep Toolkits

Jeep’s as we all know can have their doors, windshield and even their windscreen removed by just unscrewing a couple of bolts using the cars standard toolkit that’s provided with all Jeeps. However, if you or someone you know has lost this essential Jeep accessory, which to be honest we’re sure a lot of them have. Then you can get this Jeep branded replacement toolkit for less than probably what an official Jeep dealer would charge you. It contains all the standard bits and the ratchet, and the build quality is superb. You won’t be stripping any bolts with these babies anytime soon.

License Plate Frame

Jeep License Plate Frame

One of the best Jeep accessories you can buy is a custom license plate frame. It's just a subtle way of lettings others know that you're pretty passionate about the vehicle you drive and we can pretty much guarantee it’s the perfect gift for car enthusiasts without breaking the bank. This one, in particular, is black powder-coated zinc metal and officially licensed by Jeep themselves. It even comes with some match black screw cap covers and has the classic Jeep grille and logo engraved into the metal.


LED Headlights

If you don’t own one of the latest Jeep Wrangler JL’s with the LED headlights, then you’ll know the standard incandescent bulbs on the Jeep can be pretty, well crap. It’s a good thing Quadratec has pulled through with some relatively inexpensive gen II LED headlights for the 07-18 JK Wrangler. Installation only takes 20-30 minutes and if your pretty handy around the house, you could do potentially even do the install yourself. Plus it’s an easy way of improving not only the looks but the safety of your beloved Jeep as well.

Wrangler Toy

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Now you might be wondering what is a kids toy doing in a guide for the best gifts for jeep owners? Well, this present is for the Jeep lover in your life who has kids and what better way to allow them to bond with their kids than over a shared love of Jeeps. We’ve all seen those insanely cute Instagram photos of parents posing in their vehicles next to their kids driving a toy version of the very same car. This particular Jeep is finished in a striking red paint finish with some snazzy decals and a bronze coloured grille and wheels.


 Jeep Winch

Jeep Winches

Jeeps and winches are two items that should never be seen apart. Their extremely useful tools that can get you and your friends out a sticky situation. Rest assured, if you gift one of these to the jeep crazed individual in your life, you’ll win them over in a heartbeat. There are a various array of winches available for varying price points, usually, even a half-decent winch will more than suffice for most of their off-roading voyages.


Jeep Facemask

It's 2020 and we wouldn’t call this the Best Gifts for Jeep owners guide if we didn't include some way of going through these troubling times without making you look around a thousand percent cooler, don’t worry we did the math! With a Jeep facemask, you’ll not only be able to to keep you and your loved ones safe but they’ll be able to express their loves for Jeeps while practicing social distancing. Who knows they might even meet another Jeep loving individual that way.

Jeep Ear Buds

Jeep Wireless Earbuds

Okay, this is one of the more useful items on the list and its not just a great gift for car enthusiasts, but at less than $40 it’s a great stocking stuffer too. These custom wireless earbuds feature a fully wireless design, so they already have the air pod aesthetic going for them. But do you know why they're better than AirPods? Cause they feature the Jeep logo and that too in lime green!


Light Bar

Another amazing modification that just had to make the list for the best gifts for jeep owners is an LED light bar kit. By far and away one of the most underrated modifications you can make to your Jeep.  With this, you and your loved ones will be able to keep pushing through knee-deep mud and acres of sand long past after the sun has set. This kit from amazon has raving reviews and as far as LED light bars go, is pretty decently priced as well.

Traction Recovery Gear

Traction Recovery Gear

If you find yourself answering 50% of the calls from the Jeep enthusiast in your life about where they got stuck again, then this is the perfect gift for them. A 2-pack of GoTreads, an American made patented automotive tool that’s designed to give traction in conditions you normally wouldn’t find it. This includes snow, mud, sand and probably a Ford owners club meetup. It features a compact folding design so it’s easy to store and available in some great colour options including black, orange and even a bright green.

Roll Bar Storage Bags 

Roll bar storage bags

If you're looking for some practical Jeep accessories, none of the items on this list makes quite so much sense as these roll bar storage bags. They're easy to install, don’t impede on any existing luggage space and have a seemingly never-ending supply of pockets and little compartments to store all your knick-knacks and dodads. There’s one for either side of the vehicle. Seriously we’re surprised Jeep didn’t include them stock from the factory, they're that good.


Gift Cards

If your still unsure about what to get your Jeep friends then worry not, because nothing quite beats a good old fashioned gift card. This one is probably the perfect gift if they're quite finicky about what to buy and especially when it comes to their beloved jeep. Weathers its an amazon gift card, or to Jeep World, it doesn’t really matter. There's a ton of Jeep accessories available on a numerous array of platforms and with a gift card, they’ll be able to choose something they really love.

Connor Gross
Connor Gross

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