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Shopping for someone else is always a challenge. And when that someone else is a car enthusiast, it can leave you scratching your head wondering what they would want. At the Respoke Collection, not only do we create custom car gifts, we always curate top car gifts and accessories for the car lover in your life. Don’t worry, we have collected a list of 6 products that the car fan in your life will love, or at least find unique to their passion. 

Motorized Coffee

Motorized Coffee - Premium Coffee Blends

With everyone working from home, getting a good cup of coffee seems like a more difficult task than usual. Motorized Coffee Company provides high-quality, and freshly roasted, beans from all over to create the perfect morning wake up and promote your experience of life and your drive. 

Custom Car Floor Mat

Custom Floor Mats: Name Brand Mats

Weather tech is the name brand in the space when it comes to floor mats. However, if you’re looking for something with a bit more style and finesse, these Luxury Floor Mats can be customized to match the brand you are driving.

Bellroy Key Cover

Bellroy: Marine Blue Key Cover Plus

The ultra slim design of the Bellroy key cover has us in awe! This stylish key holder can be the perfect gift for the car lover in your life. Each cover holds 2-4 keys with a magnetic clasp to keep these keys secure. The best part is that Bellroy puts their money where their mouths are. They back their product with a 3 year warranty because they believe that their product is that great.

Speedometer Cufflinks

Speedometer Cufflinks: Fashion Statement

Style doesn’t end in the driveway. These custom speedometer cufflinks can spruce up any wardrobe. Adding flare to your wrist while you drive or are closing the deal. If you are looking for a specific brand cufflink, Etsy has an entire catalog of car brands varying from Porsche to BMW.

Road & Track

Road & Track: Annual Subscription

Any car aficionado knows about Road & Track. R&T is one of the premier car enthusiasts publications out there and a great way to get the latest news on the car world. Plus a 2 year subscription only costs $25!

New Car Smell
Body Spray: New Car Scented 


This is certainly a unique car gift. No one can deny that the new car smell is a delight and you’re sitting in the driver seat. If the car enthusiast in your life misses that new car scent, this body spray can be a great addition to their bathroom toiletries.

Love what you see here? Feel free to also checkout Respoke Collection for custom art pieces of your car.

Connor Gross
Connor Gross

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